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Giving Architects design sound solutions based on international best practice, significant local awareness and the unique opportunities associated with each client. We focus on solutions that deliver significant giving and investment for great causes to drive positive social change. Built on more than 70 years of combined experience, Giving Architects understands the needs, nuances, unique characteristics and cultural aspects of philanthropy and impact investment in Australia and New Zealand.

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At Giving Architects we have a strong foundation and commitment to working together with our clients to provide exceptional fundraising solutions. Our team brings together decades of combined experience in Australia and New Zealand raising millions of dollars for many great organisations.
The scope and scale of the needs being met varies tremendously. We apply our skills, knowledge and expertise to provide effective solutions that meet your needs. We partner with you to enhance your capacity and capability for securing the financial resources you need to deliver your mission in a world that is now very different.

Strategic and effective tactical fundraising plans you can begin implementing immediately.

By reviewing relevant data and assessing that against known and effective fundraising strategies, we are able to assist you to develop sustainable fundraising programmes.

We have many years of experience in developing and managing award-winning and successful capital campaigns, major donor programmes and bequest programmes.

Feasibility Studies, Campaign Readiness Assessments and Impact Investment Readiness Assessments and some of our most common stakeholder engagement processes. These ensure well informed and effective strategies.

Creating customised and results-oriented digital strategies and tactical plans aligned to your unique mission and fundraising strategy for optimal fundraising outcomes

Building on the success of Giving Architects, Impact Architects is an intermediary specialising in designing and facilitating innovative impact investments. We design and facilitate investments for projects that inspire a range of impact investors and provide intentional social and financial returns.


Meet the team

Clive Pedley

Director & Chief Executive

Giving Architects

Iyanthi Wijayanayake


Giving Architects

Nigel Harris

Founding Partner

Giving Architects Australia

Leigh Cleave

Senior Associate

Giving Architects Australia

Emma Zigan

Associate Director

Giving Architects

Dominique Leeming

Senior Associate

Giving Architects

Marie De Silva

Digital Marketing Consultant

Giving Architects

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Culture of Philanthropy

We are familiar with the term culture of an organisation, but what about a culture of philanthropy? And why should your organisation build and develop this to help your fundraising outcomes?  

The culture of an organisation is simply defined as the way we do things in our organisation. While culture is unique to every organisation, there they are key components that most organisations have. Culture usually develops over time from shared beliefs.  

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The essential guidebook to build a successful fundraising team in 2022

Based on the Trends and Trust Webinar series held in October 2021, hosted by Advancement Resources and Giving Architects Australia

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Bonding with your donors & the importance of demonstrating your impact during the COVID-19 Crisis

It is a challenging time…

But be positive and take this time to strengthen relationships with existing donors, volunteers and supporters who believe in your mission. Challenging times impact everyone. Being sensitive to the challenges your donors, volunteers and supporters may be experiencing and offering to help where possible is an important part of nurturing and strengthening relationships.


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