FINZ Conference 2021
Giving Architects Masterclass: Effective Fundraising in the Health Sector

Date: Monday 8 November 2021, 9am – 3pm
Room: Lion Harbourview Lounge 1
Speakers: Clive PedleyIyanthi Wijayanayake, and Nigel Harris

Moving through 2020 reminded us all, like nothing else in our lifetimes, that healthcare is an essential part of our society. It exposed the pressure on healthcare systems and delivery. It demonstrated how quickly our society becomes fragile when the health system cannot cope.
Our health care systems are under pressure and this presents an important opportunity for philanthropy. A global pandemic, internet hacks, previous priorities reprioritised because of political agendas. They all contributed to an increased urgency and focus on effective healthcare philanthropy for many of our leading charities.

As with all areas of giving, there is debate and an array of reports on whether healthcare philanthropy is on the rise or not. We have previously been advised that donor numbers were in decline but that those who were giving were giving more. Early data following the onset of the global pandemic showed dramatically increased donor volume and value for many charities meeting health-related needs and in particular initiatives to create effective vaccines. There are also those who forecast that prolonged economic impact from the pandemic will lead to giving declines in the near future. We are certainly in an uncertain period, and yet we cannot dispute the critical role of philanthropy in supporting the future of good health outcomes in our communities.

What we do know, and what we have seen first-hand, is that effective fundraising in a variety of these healthcare settings is based on well-established best practice and utilising the unique opportunities that healthcare provides. There has never been a more important time than now to ensure that our fundraising programmes are optimising the key opportunities for effective philanthropic outcomes.

Healthcare fundraising practice and how it unlocks generous philanthropy does have unique features. These include but are not limited to:

  • Opportunities for key clinician and researcher engagement.
  • Relationships and intentional conversations with grateful patients, families and communities.
  • Sustaining the outpouring of generosity seen in 2020.
  • Planned stewardship and impact reporting unique to healthcare.
  • Effective donor care that is connected to the donor’s motivation and unlocking their philanthropic ambition.

At the 2021 FINZ Conference Masterclass, Giving Architects will be presenting a dynamic Masterclass that draws on extensive experience in the healthcare sector. Nigel Harris, Founding Partner of Giving Architects Australia, led one of Australia’s foremost healthcare philanthropy programmes for many years at Mater Foundation. Nigel will be sharing his considerable experience and insights as a healthcare organisation CEO.

The Masterclass will also include case studies from some of New Zealand’s leading healthcare philanthropy organisations. If you have been to a recent Giving Architects Masterclass you will know the benefits that come from them bringing together multiple sector leaders into a single day to share a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are really excited about this year’s group and this particular focus on healthcare philanthropy.


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Monday 8 November 2021, 9am – 3pm
Room: Lion Harbourview Lounge 1
Speakers: Clive PedleyIyanthi Wijayanayake, and Nigel Harris

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