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Healthcare Philanthropy Development and Advisory


Philanthropy continues to play a significant role in advancing healthcare.

Giving Architect’s experience and expertise in healthcare philanthropy will assist you in optimising fundraising growth and philanthropic engagement in your organisation.

What we offer

Giving Architects offers a unique set of healthcare philanthropy programs to assist your organisation. These programs address specific and significant market gaps and growing needs within the broader framework of healthcare. Each of these programs are tailored to suit your organisation’s needs and provide you with a discreet and actionable body of work. Alongside this, all programs are links so there is a clear connection and continuity of work at whatever entry point is identified.

Healthcare Philanthropy Development Program

This program includes an assessment of your current state, high-level analysis of organisational capability, leadership and constituency, and broad recommendations of program performance, direction and development opportunities. Through undertaking this program, you will gain expert insight, direction and guidance to add value to your work in healthcare philanthropy.

Healthcare Philanthropy Development Program

Patient Philanthropy Positioning Program
Philanthropic Culture and Strategic Advisory Program
Healthcare Professional Engagement Program
Institutional Leadership Engagement Program
Fundraising Program and Team Development

Healthcare Philanthropy training support programs

Delivered in association with Advancement Resources

These programs are designed to provide you with an overarching assessment of your current approach and potential opportunities in healthcare philanthropy

Healthcare Philanthropy Training Support

(in association with Advancement Resources)

Healthcare Philanthropy Training Assessment Program
Healthcare Philanthropy Training Implementation Support

Our approach

Giving Architects will work with you to develop philanthropy in your organisation and assist you in creating strategic and transformational opportunities for your organisation.

We assess what is already happening in your organisation and provide advice for you to get the best out of philanthropic engagement and where it is best leveraged within your organisation. We will provide you with a body of work that can be implemented by your team with our guidance and support. Our aim is to support you in building sustainable pathways in philanthropy and fundraising practice for your organisation.

Our expertise

Through Giving Architect’s experience and expertise in the healthcare philanthropy area we can assist you to optimise growth and add value to philanthropic engagement and fundraising practice in your organisation.


Nigel Harris and Leigh Cleave head up the healthcare philanthropy team at Giving Architects Australia. They both have extensive experience in the healthcare philanthropy sector working on capital campaigns, patient philanthropy programs, endowments, regular giving and major gifts. They have worked across a range of healthcare institutions – both public and private – through paediatric, maternal and medical research. They regularly engage with colleagues around the world to discuss best practice in this area.

Nigel Harris, Founding Partner at Giving Architects Australia, is an established and highly regarded non-profit sector leader specialising in philanthropy and fundraising, with an outstanding track record in organisational growth and development.

Nigel has crafted a unique range of experiences and insights in governance, executive leadership and applied fundraising practice throughout his career spanning almost 40 years

He has held executive leadership roles in multiple non-profit organisations during this time, most notably serving as Chief Executive Officer of Mater Foundation (Queensland) for 24 years. Under Nigel’s leadership, Mater Foundation’s annual fundraising revenue grew from $2m to $70m, raising over $3/4b over that period and establishing the Foundation as one of Australia’s largest health charities and a major funder of medical research and clinical services.

Leigh Cleave, Senior Associate at Giving Architects Australia, has more than 20 years experience in this area, and is committed to working with purpose driven organisations to build healthy and sustainable futures.

During her career, Leigh has taken on roles of increasing responsibility and breadth – covering all aspects of fundraising across healthcare, medical research, international development and community welfare.

Leigh has managed fundraising teams in Australia, North America and Southeast Asia. Strong technical knowledge grounded in experience along with a well-developed coaching style supports her in her commitment to help others achieve their full potential. An effective communicator Leigh has spoken at major events, conferences and the national media. Her leadership and governance skills have been developed in a variety of board and committee roles.


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