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Bridget Brown
Associate at Giving Architects Australia

Bridget is a communications professional who has worked for hospitals and not-for-profit organisations in the areas of communications, marketing, event management, project coordination and public relations in Australia and the United Kingdom. She has worked as a consultant for clients in the healthcare sector, the arts and community organisations.

Bridget provides the best possible communications support to clients to meet their needs. She enjoys working as part of a team to support strategic communications development and execution related to the client’s key business areas.

In her work with Giving Architects she has developed communications and digital marketing plans, cases for support and other fundraising and communication documents.

Bridget holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science, and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in Journalism and Ancient History). She also completed a Graduate Certificate in Business (Public Relations). Bridget excels at converting scientific or medical information into layperson’s language whilst maintaining the meaning.


Stephanie Wise
Associate - Giving Architects Australia

Stephanie is a passionate fundraiser with over 10 years of experience in events and fundraising across the not-for-profit and arts sectors. She has developed skills in events and project management, community fundraising, philanthropy, appeals, volunteer management, digital fundraising, registration, and ticketing platforms.

At City Recital Hall she worked with many of Australia’s most high-profile organisations and companies across the arts, corporate, non-profit and government. Her role was integral in managing stakeholder relationships to develop a clear understanding of requirements and to support them with their event from end to end, working across contracts, budgets, communications, production, and hospitality – maximising artistic and financial return.

Stephanie has been involved in the successful delivery of fundraising appeals, launches, donor appreciation events, volunteer days, concerts, conferences, annual general meetings, ceremonies, and functions. In her role at The Salvation Army, alongside delivering major events she established national frameworks and processes. Stephanie has worked with all levels of state and national leadership as well as external volunteer leaders on fundraising committees.

She uses her creative and analytical thinking to assist projects in all their stages and balances her meticulous attention to detail with an ability to adapt and respond to sudden changes. She encourages input, inclusion and collaboration and has a strong commitment to ongoing learning and developing skills that will make a positive impact in the community.

As a consultant, Stephanie has supported clients with capital campaign and fundraising readiness assessments, campaign coordination, fundraising communications strategy including donor messaging, branding and graphic design, digital fundraising strategy and website development including onboarding and training.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications, and Diploma of Events Management.

Dominique Leeming
Senior Associate

“While I have loved fundraising since I was a teenager volunteering in the social purpose sector, it is seeing donors aspirations met that really brings me joy. When donors needs are met through excellent donor care, the organisation’s needs are also inevitably met.” 

Dominique is results driven leader with over 20 years professional fundraising experience in New Zealand. She joined our team following five plus years as General Manager – Marketing & Fundraising for SPCA New Zealand. During her time at SPCA, Dominique led her team through a period of sustained change as the organisation transitioned from over 40 separately incorporated entities into one organisation while concurrently driving significant growth in fundraised income. The team’s performance has been recognised by the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand, the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand, and by TechSoup, winning multiple awards in 2019 and 2020, including the overall FINZ Supreme Excellence in Fundraising Award and Dominique was awarded the inaugural FINZ Fundraising Leader of the Year in 2019. 

Prior to her work for SPCA, Dominique managed capital fundraising campaigns for Coastguard New Zealand. Again, her work was recognised by FINZ with two awards for Best Capital Campaign in 2011 and 2014. 

For many years Dominique has guided and mentored people and organisations in the development of their fundraising programmes. Her people first approach, supported by sound analysis and strategy development has seen her succeed in several large New Zealand charities. She brings a wealth of both skill and experience to her work with our clients, including having held both governance and management roles in social purpose organisations. 

Dominique was made a Fellow of the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand in 2014, and she has previously served on the National Council and as a committee member for the Southern Division. She currently serves on the Institute’s Ethics Committee.  

People Foundry

  • “On behalf of the Manchester House Board, I wish to extend our thanks for what you have accomplished for the Society. Your efforts and planning have dragged us into the 21st century with the finalisation of the Impact Investment Assessment Report and the Executive Summary. This has enabled us to see our way forward to a more stable and sustainable financial future, once these plans are enacted.

    Thank you again Clive for getting our programme moving as we look forward to a brighter and more stable and sustainable future.”

    Kevin Darragh
    Chair of Manchester House Social Services Society Inc.
  • “We have always valued the opportunity to engage and work with Giving Architects at times when we are required to make key strategic decisions. They are always incredibly well informed about best practice fundraising, international and domestic trends in philanthropy and the emergence of impact investment in the for-purpose sector.

    With child sponsorship such a well entrenched model for many NGO’s all over the world, the decline of that market in many western countries presented great challenges in how to adapt in a way that would best serve the people they exist to serve.  Understanding this challenge and approaching it from a donor-centric perspective is something that Giving Architects have helped us deal with effectively.

    The latest opportunity to consider impact investment, a rapidly growing market, and how it might best help ChildFund New Zealand achieve its objectives has  been the latest opportunity for us to work with Giving Architects. Their adaptability and insights across both philanthropic and investment markets has provided key insights and guidance as we traverse how we work with partners to best meet urgent needs in developing countries.  We look forward to working with them to effectively engage the impact investor market and achieve the transformational change in the lives of the children we are committed to.”

    Paul Brown
    CEO at ChildFund
  • “As an organisation we needed to do something different from what everyone else is doing.  I got to meet Giving Architects and they knew a lot about what was going on in the sector but were also looking at things in a different perspective. So when I started talking to them about doing things differently, they were  very open to the idea and I soon learnt that their connections and networks gave them the basis for a very good background of what is happening in New Zealand in the sector, and they were well connected internationally as well.

    For my organisation, I didn’t want to do what everyone else had done. We engaged a number of different organisations over time and most of the other organisations had a formula that they rolled out but Giving Architects thought about things differently. They took time to understand what we did and how we did things and why I wanted to change what we do as an organisation. With that background, Giving Architects came to us with different ideas and different approaches and different ways of looking at what we need to do to change our model.

    The knowledge and experience of Giving Architects was absolutely critical when it came to us choosing to engage them. It gave us a much wider view of what is happening in the sector, not just in New Zealand but internationally and that helped me in my decision making process along with that of the management and the Board. Those way finders that Giving Architects provide are critical to informing that decision making process.

    Our issues aren’t significantly different from other organisations but we wanted to take an approach that was different so they were prepared to come and meet us on our terms and talk to us about how we might want to approach things, and that has worked for us ever since we have engaged Giving Architects.”

    Wayne Howett
    CEO of Ronald McDonald House Charities New Zealand